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  1. I had not taken my girls' picture for a while (not counting those snap shots), so after a newborn shoot at my home studio, and with all the things set up already, I asked the girls to wear a new hat made by friend and had a few quick shots.  Do you like the result?

    At the moment my home studio is only setup for newborn session, but I am planning on launching a new studio package for older child after my maternity leave.  You can 'like' my facebook page or follow this blog so you won't miss any good deal in 2013! ^^






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  2. I always gain new experience from every photoshoot, like this time, I have never met a girl who is as lively as Amelie. Unlike her brother Walker who wasn't afraid of a stranger like me, Amelie was a bit shy in the beginning, but once she started exploring the surrounding, she just couldn't stop and playing happily with her daddy. It was a little bit hard chasing her around, but it's the point of having an outdoor photoshoot, so the family could enjoy spending time playing together and while the precious moment was captured, and the images will be treasured forever.







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  3. The next day after the photoshoot is Beth's 1st birthday, but long before that Beth is able to walk by herself, very impressed! She's a very confident baby and she just walked around in the living room while I was talking pictures of her and didn't feel shy in front of my camera. Beth, I wish you have a very happy birthday and hope you will always be happy & healthy.





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  4.  A lovely day with some gentle sunlight at beautiful Bushy Park, Hampton, I had a very joyful session with 2 little girls - Eva & Zandra. It only took a minute then both of the girls were ready to have their photos taken, not only smile at my camera, they did enjoy the surrounding, that's why I love taking children's picture, they're simple & innocent, you don't need to give them a lot to please them, even just picking up some tree branches can be fun.





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  5. Little Oliver just turned 1 this month, he isn't camera shy and actually he likes to look at my camera, what a good model!  It was a sunny day at Runnymede Pleasure Gardens, Egham despite the weather said otherwise. We had some lovely time in the park & the playground, even in the end of the session Oliver felt tired but he wasn't cranky at all, what an easy & good boy he is!






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  6. I can't believe it's been 11 months since I first met Maya & her mum, time really flies!  This time we went to RHS Garden Wisley and despite the rain we had some good time together.  Maya, just as I last saw her, still is an easy & happy little girl, it really is a pleasure to have her photos taken and be able to see her growing!


    (Left) Baby Maya at home when she was only 7 months old - (Right) and today, a lovely little girl at RHS Garden Wisley, Woking.





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  7. Baby Jedidiah is a very calm baby, thoughout the photo session he was very well behaved & cooperative even he didn't really enjoy the little tummy time on some settings. It's a joy to have photos taken for this little angel.

    baby jedidiah_3

    baby jedidiah_7baby jedidiah_8


    baby jedidiah_14dsc_8972_1

    baby jedidiah_28

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  8. Baby Jaedon is a little angel of Cheong's family.  He has a strong feature which is not always find in Chinese newborn.  On the day Jaedon wasn't very settled in the beginning, I think it's because it was his first day out to other place rather than staying home with mum, and all the things going on the day must be so overwhelming for a newborn, but thanks Jaedon, you did so well and I am very happy with the result and I hope your parents are pleased with the images too!

    dsc_8404_1 copydsc_8425_1 copy

    dsc_8461_1 copydsc_8452_j1



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  9. Baby Noah, the son of Machiko & Ken Yang was born on 8 Aug 12.
    At the age of just 25 days old, Noah was very alert while the photo was taking in my home studio, it wasn't an easy task but we managed to take some nice shots and thanks to the parents who were so co-operative and very patient the whole time.
    I am so happy for you and congratulations to you two again!
    Noah - what a great gift from God! ^^






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