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Category: Mar 2014

  1. Baby Elias @ 3 mo

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    Baby Elias's brother was a baby customer of mine, and now it's his baby brother's turn for a baby session. Elias's mum has brought somethings along so we can actually 'personalise' some shots for him. Throughout the session, Baby Elias behaved so well just like when I was with his brother two years ago, we managed to get more shots done than what I was hoping for. Thank you sweet baby Elias. ^^




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  2. Baby Theo @ 1 yo

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    I first met baby Theo when he was only 9 days old (, now he has became a confident little boy who was very happy for me to take his pictures.
    In few days later, Theo will be a year old boy, time does fly without us realising it... 
    Theo, I wish you have a very happy birthday. ^^







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  3. Janet's maternity photoshoot @ 32 weeks

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    Janet and I have been in contact long before the photoshoot to discuss what images style Janet would like to achieve.  After few discussions, she went for a shabby chic style, so we talked about what needed to be brought along as props to acheive the style.  With a good location, right timing (cherry blossom only last 2 weeks) and good weather, we both are happy with the result.    
    It is a great example of what you can do in a photo session, and also how we can achieve a photo style that you like with a good communication.


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