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Category: Nov 2012

  1. Zane (6mo) & Zacky (4yo)

    Posted on

    My last photo session before my maternity leaves end with Zane & Zacky.

    The lovely family of 4 has visited my home studio, we had a 2 hours tailor-made baby session but sadly Zane wasn't feeling so well, but he pulled it off and finally we managed to have some nice images of him and his brother Zacky, a very happy boy who loves my prop flowers so much.  By the way, the boys have beautiful long eyelashes, I really wish my daughters have that too!







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  2. Lucy (6mo) & Daniel (3y9m)

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    Daniel - older brother of Lucy has been so helpful throughout the photo shoot. Daniel helped me to draw attention of Lucy and tried to make her smile, though Lucy just being so cool most of the time, his effort counted. I love their naked shot, it's just so natural and pure. I wish their love for each other will grow in them. ^^








    © Copyright 2012 My Little Angel Photography

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  3. Thank you all ^^

    Posted on

    I can't believe I am going to have my 3rd baby soon, oh yes, it's a planned pregnancy, but as the due date is getting closer, I realised I may not be as ready as I am, anyway, we're not born a mum, I know I will be fine.

    I wrote this blog only to thank you for all my clients' support in 2012, I am so honoured to be your family photographer and hopefully I will seeing some of you in the next year.  You & your family have given me so many good memories, of course by looking at all the images I can recall all those memories easily. ^^

    My maternity leaves will start after this Sunday, anyone wants to have a photo session with My Little Angel Photography will have to wait for at least 2 months.  I will update this blog time by time, so do visit this website when you are not busy around with your children or liking my facebook page so you will get my updates first hand.

    If you'd like to contact me while I am on my maternity leave, please email to [email protected]

    * Finally, by the time I wrote this blog, I still have one time slot left for a photoshoot (Saturday 10 Nov 12), so please contact me asap if you want to book it.

    pregnant photo

    © Copyright 2012 My Little Angel Photography

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  4. Baby Vivek @ 6 month old

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    As soon as I went in Vivek's home, he greeted me with his smile.  He's a happy & confident boy, whatever we're up to, he just went with it, so even with just a plain wall, some toys & change of clothings, he made the images looked good, well, I think it's because he's also a smart looking baby ^^







    © Copyright 2012 My Little Angel Photography

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  5. Baby Jack @ 10 weeks old

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    Baby Jack was only 10 weeks old when his photos was taken.  He is an adorable baby, althought he didn't smile a lot during the photoshoot (very unlike him according to mum), when he did, you'd be melted.  He adores his parents and just can't stop staring at them, so having his eyes on my camera proved a little bit difficult, but we did manage to have few shots of him looked at the camera.  Anyway, it's a lifestyle photo session, mum & dad preferred some natural family portraiture, so there's no need to keep on asking a 10 weeks old to look at my camera, just keep on playing with him would be the key and both parents were good at that. ^^









    © Copyright 2012 My Little Angel Photography

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